Robert van Vorstenbosch
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Biomarker discovery for colorectal cancer

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Robert van Vorstenbosch studied Forensic Science and Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. During this period he performed research at the VU, at TNO, the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research, at Shell Technology centre Amsterdam, and at the bio campus of DSM in Delft. The topic of these studies ranged from the analysis of human hair for human provenancing, the detection of explosives, to studying Vacuum Ultra-Violet Spectroscopy, to finally correlating molecular information to sensory characteristics of foods and beverages under the supervision of Margriet Hendriks and Age Smilde. During these studies multivariate statistics, or chemometrics, caught his special attention and he decided to specialize in this topic. Currently he is a PhD student at Maastricht University. His study evolves around biomarker discovery in human breath and the headspace of human feces for the detection of colorectal cancer, with a main focus on data analysis. His supervisors are Agnieszka Smolinska and Frederik-Jan van Schooten.

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