The Maastricht University is a general institution of scientific schooling and research, applying the concepts of Problem-Based larning (PBL) in all educational programmes. Students are typically working in small groups, actively discussing problems and applying newly acquired knowledge in practical situations.

Our department is part of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) and a major contributor to the undergraduate programmes on Biomedical Sciences and numerous other courses in Health Sciences, European Public Health as well as the medical curriculum. Staff members have coordinating roles in the Master programmes of Molecular Life Sciences (including Clinical Molecular Sciences and Molecular Health Sciences) and guide students during their junior and senior internships, either within our department or externally. Additionally, the Department is involved in various postgraduate educational programmes in the field of Toxicology and Environmental Health, for national and international audiences.

Information for students of the Maastricht University can be found at the electronic learning site of Maastricht University (ELEUM). Contact staff members for information on internships.