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Theses 2011

Coolen E.
Kinetics and effects of orally Administered ATP; thesis defense 11-05-2011, UM. Promotores: Prof. dr. A. Bast; prof. dr. M.A. Cohen Stuart Co-promotores: Dr. Ir. P.C. Dagnelie; Dr. Ir. I.C.W. Arts

Jacobs H.
The antioxidant flavonoid 7-mono-O-(β-hydroxyethyl)-rutoside; thesis defense 01-07-2011, UM. Promotor: Prof. dr. A. Bast. Co-promotores: Dr. G. Haenen; Emer. Prof. Dr. Wim van der Vijgh

Houben J.
Chronic oxidative stress and PARP enzymes in telomere length regulation; thesis defense 21-01-2011, UM Promotores: prof.dr. F.J. van Schooten; prof.dr. E.F.M. Wouters, Co-promotor: G.J. Hageman

Kelder T.
Exploratory pathway analysis; thesis defense 08-07-2011, UM. Promotor: prof.dr. F.J. van Schooten; Co-promotor: C.T.A. Evelo