Saba Rafi
event_seat PhD Student

Pharmaceutical residues in wastewater,


Saba Rafi, born in 1997 in Pakistan, completed her bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences from her home country. Following her undergraduate studies, she secured a fully funded Erasmus Mundus scholarship to pursue a joint master’s degree in environmental contamination and toxicology(ect+) across three European countries: Norway, Belgium, and Spain. Currently, Saba is engaged in her doctoral research at Maastricht University as a part of the CAREFREE project. Her research focuses on pharmaceutical residues in wastewater, particularly exploring the ecotoxicity and mass balance of propofol, rocuronium, and cefazoline used in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC). She is driven by a strong dedication to advancing environmental stewardship within the healthcare sector and is enthusiastic about contributing to sustainable practices in this field.