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  • Alie de Boer on Television on Feb 23, 2017

    In the following link you will find a lecture by Alie de Boer, a former PhD-student at our department, which she presented at the ‘Universiteit van Nederland’. This is a television program in which scientific knowledge is presented in an easy way for a broader audience. Alie gives a presentation about food health claims. Unfortunately for our English speaking friends, this lecture is in Dutch. Have fun watching it:           

  • MLDS grant voor Tim Lubbers on Jan 11, 2017

    Dr. Tim Lubbers was awarded with an MLDS career development grant, with which he can perform a 4 year study with a budget of 250000 euro. This study will for a large part be performed in close collaboration with the VOC-team of our department. The title of the study is: The distinctive smell of colorectal anastomotic leakage: prevention, early detection and personalized treatment. Colorectal anastomotic leakage is a severe complication after colorectal surgery, but its origin is not yet understood. Changes in the exhaled volatile organic compounds (VOC) can possibly be used to diagnose and predict the occurence of colorectal anastomotic leakage, resulting in improved patient care. In Dutch: De karakteristieke geur van colorectale naadlekkage: preventie, vroege diagnostiek en individuele behandeling. Korte samenvatting: naadlekkage is een ernstige, veel voorkomende complicatie na darmchirurgie, waarvan de oorzaak anno nu nog niet bekend is. In dit onderzoek gebruik ik veranderingen in de samenstelling van uitademingslucht om het optreden van naadlekkage aan te tonen of te voorspellen en daardoor de medische behandeling van deze patiënten te optimaliseren.

  • Poster price for Philippe Vangrieken on Dec 05, 2016

    Philippe Vangrieken won the poster presentation prize at the CARIM symposium 2016. He presented a poster entitled ‘towards an in vitro model for preeclampsia`. The winner was chosen based on the poster lay out and the presentation skills during the 2 min pitch talk. His poster illustrates how placentas can be used as a base to simulate the pregnancy related pathology preeclampsia in vitro. This model was used to better understand the progress of this disease and it`s direct and sustained cardiovascular consequences for the mother. His in vitro model opens avenues to test nutritional interventions aimed at treating or preventing preeclampisa. We congratulate Philippe with this success.

  • poster price for Sven Rouschop on Dec 05, 2016

    Our PhD-student Sven Rouschop has won the poster pitch Price at the latest joint meeting of the Dutch and Belgian Environmental Mutagen Societies (DEMS and BEMS), which was held at Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam. We congratulate Sven with this succes!

  • Guido Haenen appointed as Editor-in-Chief on Dec 05, 2016

    Guido Haenen is appointed as Editor-in-Chief for the Molecular Toxicology section of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS). The Journal aims to rapidly publish contributions that describe the mechanism of toxicity of compounds in animals, humans, or appropriate in vitro models. It is situated at the cutting edge of chemistry and biology and its relation to health. The focus is on the molecule and its interaction with biomolecules, as this will result the actual biological effect. Molecular methods aimed at preventing toxicity or enhancing our understanding of health risk assessment are also of interest. Topics include, but are not limited to: -food, drug and chemical toxicology; -genetic toxicology; -reproductive toxicology; -neurotoxicology; -clinical toxicology; -nanotoxicology; -environmental and ecotoxicology; -computational and predictive toxicology; -food-drug interactions; -idiosyncratic toxicity; -toxins. Website:

  • Teaching awards 2016 on Dec 05, 2016

    We congratulate our colleagues Ben Janssen, Geja Hageman, Agnes Boots and Gertjan den Hartog for winning an education award !!! These prizes were awarded for: Ben – best course 2015/ 2016 in the biomedical sciences curriculum, Agnes – best tutor 2015/2016 in Health Sciences, Gertjan – best tutor 2015/2016 in Biomedical Sciences and finally, Geja – best course 2015/ 2016 in Health Sciences.

  • VENI for Agi smolinska on Jul 21, 2016

    ​Agnieska Smolinska has obtained a VENI-award, entitled 'the smell of a diseased liver'. This prestigious 4 year project is financed by the Dutch Organisation for scientific research (NWO). In this project, Agnieska will investigate Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), which is a fatal liver disease that can only be diagnosed in a (too) late stage. In this project, PSC-patients are fully characterized by extensive chemical and microbiological analysis of breath, blood, and feces. With the aid of Big data pattern recognition, Agnieska will develop noninvasive markers for early diagnosis and therapy alignment. We congratulate Agi with this success.

  • Special issue on hormesis on Mar 07, 2016

    Special issue on hormesis – Call for papers. Mireille Sthijns, Aalt Bast and  Guido Haenen will be guest editor of a special issue in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, within the section of Molecular Toxicology. This special issue is entitled: "Hormesis and Transhormesis in Toxicology and Risk Assessment". To prevent the toxicity of chemicals, ideally we should minimize our exposure. The best case scenario, of course, is to have no exposure at all, but, in the real world, this is not possible. Luckily, living organisms appear to be more flexible than we imagined and our cells have the ability to adapt to the presence of a poison. This phenomenon is known as “hormesis”. The challenge is to somehow encourage hormetic adaptation to a toxic compound by another (nontoxic) compound. The process that exposure to one compound results in hormetic adaptation to another compound we coin as transhormesis. Indeed, although the cells in our bodies must be ready to protect us at all times it makes no sense to wear a “suit of armour” 24 hours a day when there is no imminent threat. However, the research highlights how our body “senses” chemical threats so that we raise our defensive “shields” in time to protect us. Thus, in this way, our cells become stronger by exposure to a “little bit of bad”. For more information, please visit:

  • Poster presentation Prize on Dec 17, 2015

         Timme van der Lugt won the poster presentation prize at the NUTRIM symposium 2016. She presented a poster entitled 'Is there an effect of food-derived advanced glycation end products on human health?'. The winner was chosen on basis of the abstract, lay out of the poster and the poster presentation as pitch of 2 min. Timme was selected as winner out of 35 posters in the section Applied Research. We congratulate Timme with this achievement!

  • And the winner is.... on Nov 16, 2015

    ​Every year Maastricht University Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) awards education prizes to employees who have made a relevant contribution to the development of FHML’s education. This year, there were 3 nominations from our department, one of which actually won the prize: Guido Haenen! Guido was selected as best course co-ordinator with his course: ‘Farmacologische basisbeginselen in metabool onderzoek’. He was actually awarded with The great FHML Education Prize, because of his overall teaching achievements. The university newspaper wrote: "....De tweede grote onderwijsprijs is voor iemand die grossiert in nominaties en onderwijsprijzen binnen de opleiding biomedische wetenschappen (BMT), legt opleidingsdirecteur Hans Savelberg uit. Zijn naam: Guido Haenen. De laatste vijf jaar zat hij vijf keer in de top drie voor de prijs voor beste tutor, en drie keer in de top drie voor beste blokcoördinator. Dit jaar is hij verkozen tot beste. "Hij wordt op handen gedragen door studenten, zet zich met hart en ziel in voor het onderwijs. Hij komt uit de farmacie, weet heel goed hoe medicijnen werken en dat legt hij heel goed uit. Hij kan zich goed inleven in studenten en rust niet voor ze het begrijpen." De grote prijs voor Haenen kan bestempeld worden als een oeuvreprijs...." The full article can be found at: We congratulate Guido with this achievement.